The journey from the field to the finished product

Proven quality of our sustainable CBD & hemp products

The hemp biomass needed to obtain the hemp extract and other hemp food products such as hemp seeds or hemp seed oil come from partner producers in the European Union.

Trust is good, control is better

According to this motto, our CBD and hemp products are regularly analysed. Firstly, the CBD products are checked for their cannabinoid content so that everything has its legal security.
Secondly, the raw materials are tested for pesticide, heavy metal residues and microbiological contamination. Thus, our customers enjoy the assurance that all products are of the highest quality and absolutely pure.

In addition, we regularly visit the farmers and producers, test the material and carry out traceability for all our products. This way we guarantee safety and traceability of our products.

The most important analysis results of our products you will find here.

Analysis of commercial hemp flowers in a industrial hemp field.

Extraction & Formulation


The commercial hemp biomass is extracted in Germany according to food law standards using a newly developed innovative extraction process called "low-pressure extraction". After literally only one step - the biomass is put into a column and a button is pressed - the extract is obtained. Since no remodelling of the molecules is required, no solvent needs to be recovered from the extract.


The hemp extract is then mixed with a carrier oil (MCT oil or hemp seed oil).
The unique hemp aroma is created by the
mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes and other relevant compounds.

Pleasant taste, healthy and natural.

Analysis of CBD oil in the laboratory

Encapsulation and cosmetics production


The encapsulation of the CBD oil (hemp seed oil as carrier oil) takes place in Germany in compliance with the highest cosmetic standards. Our vegan microcapsules consist of a liquid core of natural CBD oil and a shell of alginate (brown algae).

The golden-yellow caviar-like appearance, the small size for perfect dosing and the quality make our CBD capsules unique.

CBD capsules in container & CBD oil
Female hand on CBD cosmetics and beautiful flowers with a colourful background

Cosmetics production

Our cosmetics are produced regionally in Germany by hand in compliance with the highest cosmetic standards.

For our products we use only natural raw materials without silicones, parabens, PEG, microplastics and preservatives.

In order to guarantee the quality of our cosmetics, we attach great importance to carefully selected & natural ingredients. When selecting ingredients, we consciously opt for organically grown ingredients whenever possible.

This is the only way our customers get the quality they deserve.