Welcome to the GREENZONE

Taking responsibility & living sustainability

The GREENZONE consists of three different areas, which all have something in common. They all deal with the topic of sustainability & environmental protection.

Our concept of sustainability: There you will learn what we are doing to make our products, shipping materials and production more sustainable. We also show you how you can make your everyday life more sustainable and environmentally friendly by making small changes.

PlantUrTree: With a part of the proceeds we support reforestation projects in Germany, which are implemented by the company Plant-My-Tree, in order to give something back to nature and to create new habitats for many forest dwellers. At PlantUrTree you can learn more about the reforestation projects and how you can support us in planting trees.

Plant your snackWith every order you will also receive a few seeds for free. We explain how to grow at home and how to prepare your own plants.