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Product information about CBD & the products from Canutree

General product information on CBD

In addition to terpenes, flavonoids and other secondary plant constituents, commercial hemp contains phytocannabinoids. So far, 100 different phytocannabinoids have been identified in the hemp plant. The best-known phytocannabinoids are  cannabidiols (CBDs), cannabinole (CBNs), cannabingerols (CBGs) and tetrahydrocannabinole (THCs). The psychoactive, i.e. intoxicating ingredient of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the non-psychoactive ingredient is  cannabidiol (CBD). CBD  is therefore considered a well-tolerated and above all non-intoxicating component of the hemp plant and is particularly interesting from a therapeutic point of view. From a legal point of view, we have to clarify here that the properties proven from numerous studies do not representany healing promises.

Legal classification of CBD products

Firstly, it must be clearly stated that the legal situation is currently quite vague and complicated. Due to different regulations, different CBD goods have to be classified differently.

Secondly, and most importantly, there is no risk for you as a consumer. In Germany, CBD is mostly sold as a food supplement, cosmetic or consumer product. How the legal situation will develop is difficult to assess at the moment. According to the EU, foods (including food supplements) containing CBD are not marketable because they are classified as novel foods. The term "novel food" refers to all foods that were not used for human consumption to any significant extent in the European Union before 15 May 1997.

The problem here is that novel foods require special approval and no food has yet been approved as a novel food. Through a Judgment of the European Court of Justice in the near future there will be the first novel food approvals of CBD-containing products as food supplements.

Storage of CBD products

Both CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD cosmetics are pure natural products and should be stored in a dark and cool place. Therefore, the refrigerator is best for optimal storage.
 This slows down the degeneration of the natural ingredients and the products have a longer shelf life.

Product information: Full spectrum CBD oils

A full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the important ingredients of the hemp plant. This means that a full-spectrum oil contains all essential cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This favours the entourage effect. This means that all substances in the hemp plant interact with each other and thus their respective effects are favoured.
For example, recent studies have shown that the bioavailability of full-spectrum CBD oil is twice as high as that of pure CBD isolate.

Product information: Carrier oils for CBD products

Every CBD oil needs a carrier or base oil in which the hemp extract is dissolved. The following two edible oils are most commonly used:
 - Hemp seed oil 
 - MCT-oil

Da jedes Öl Vor- und Nachteile hat kann nicht pauschal gesagt werden, für welches Trägeröl man sich entscheiden soll.  MCT-Öl ist z.B. milder im Geschmack als ein Hanfsamenöl aber das Hanfsamenöl hat wiederum ein ausgewogeneres Verhältnis an wichtigen Omega-3 und Omega-6 Fettsäuren.

Product information on the general use of CBD

Application of CBD

On the one hand, cannabidiol is promoted as a miracle weapon against pretty much every everyday ailment. Cannabidiol is said to have a healing effect on sleep disorders, inner restlessness, anxiety and tension, menstrual cramps, chronic pain, sore muscles and arthritis. However, only positive effects in connection with infantile epilepsy and multiple sclerosis have been scientifically proven so far.

Duration of effect of CBD

CBD has a long half-life of 1-5 days, but the effects usually last around 6-12 hours. 

Half-life is the time it takes for exactly half of a compound to be metabolised and removed from the bloodstream. This is a measurement used to predict how long an active dose of a compound such as CBD or pharmaceutical drugs will last and how often subsequent doses can be taken. 

With CBD's long half-life, the concentration of the drug will gradually build up in the body over time. Therefore, the longer you take CBD, the longer it will work. 

Side effects of CBD

In some cases, you may experience side effects such as a dry mouth, drowsiness and lower blood pressure. If you are already taking prescription medication, please contact your doctor or pharmacist before taking it.

Scientific studies on this topic are currently being conducted. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of CBD products during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

CBD for animals

Yes, since animals have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, CBD offers your pet several benefits.

For this reason, CBD can be used to relieve your pet's pain, inflammation, stiff muscles and joints, anxiety or to stimulate appetite.

Pets are usually smaller than humans. As a result, they usually need significantly less CBD than you might. 

Product information about the Canutree products

Under the tab " Application you will find information on the application of our products.

CBD aroma oils and CBD aroma capsules

In general, CBD products have to clear 2 hurdles in Germany in order to be approved and sold on the market.

All CBD products, whether CBD oil, isolate, capsules, etc. must not exceed a THC content of 0.2%. If this limit is exceeded, the product is considered a violation of the BtMG. In Austria, the limit is 0.3%.

The second and decisive point in the declaration is that if a manufacturer prints a dosage recommendation on its packaging, this is automatically always closely examined by law. According to the authorities, abuse against the BtMG, i.e. primarily against the active substance THC, is to be avoided, since according to the authorities it is purely theoretically possible to get high from these preparations. This gauntlet has recently become increasingly noticeable through raids on manufacturers.

Since all CBD products sold in Germany are not allowed to exceed the limit of 0.2% anyway, several litres of CBD oil would have to be ingested in order to absorb any significant amount of THC in the body, which would still not trigger a high feeling.

Many manufacturers react to this and want to avoid these often arbitrary measures by declaring their CBD oils as aromatic oils.
Legally, this means that no healing promises or dosage recommendations may be made by the manufacturers. In addition, a note "Not for consumption" must be placed on the packaging.

Neither the Consumer Protection Agency nor the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) benefit from these indiscriminate and unregulated official measures. Last but not least, it is the consumer who benefits least from this approach and such a declaration.
Ultimately, a high-quality CBD product remains a high-quality CBD product, regardless of whether it is declared as a dietary supplement or as an aromatic oil.

Marketability of CBD products

The products we offer have no psychoactive effect and comply with all legal requirements. The BtMG (Narcotics Act) states that CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.2% are not classified as narcotics and are therefore marketable. Therefore, after using CBD products, you can go about your daily work, drive or do sports without any restrictions. In addition, the drug test will not fail in the event of a police check, as the active ingredient CBD is not part of the drug test.