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CBD in sports | How CBD products can help athletes

Karim Regreg during sprint exercises

A short introduction to sport, the aches and pains and what this has to do with CBD

CBD is currently on everyone's lips, in the truest sense of the word. Whether it's for everyday use, for more restful sleep, to relieve nervous tension or for everyday aches and pains. More and more people are turning to the soothing herbal oil. Cannabis oil is also being used more frequently in the areas of sports, fitness and wellness (1).

Why all this? Find out here!

Man with upper body free in side profile boxing forward

Figure 1: Certified fitness trainer and sports scientist Karim Regreg during the workout.

Anyone who plays sport knows that fitness comes at a price. Gains are hard to come by otherwise. Sore muscles, bruises, tension, overstressed joints and many other ailments are a common part of every sportsman's life. However, the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa l.) or more precisely the trichome-derived Cannabinoid oil CBD provide a remedy here (2).

Important: CBD is not equal to THC. The two plant substances are chemically very similar, but have very different effects on the body. Unlike CBD, CBD does not make you high, which greatly facilitates everyday use and allows you to enjoy the benefits of the physical effects (3).

How exactly does CBD affect the body?

Karim Regreg doing rope skipping

Figure 2: Karim Regreg warming up

The human body, as well as that of many vertebrate species, has an endogenous cannabinoid system. Cannabidiol (CBD) interacts in the body with the cannabinoid receptors located there CB1 and CB2 (4). Desired effects and rarely occurring side effects can come about in different ways, which does not exactly facilitate research.

The exact mode of action has not yet been properly researched, but we are waiting for exciting results and will of course inform you immediately should science come across new findings. Basically, it is assumed that CBD has an effect on the ion channel VDAC,1 which is connected to the formation of pain signals (3).

The plant oil is also said to have effects such as stress relief, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anxiety relief. The effect is also often described as antispasmodic and calming. In addition, many people take the oil for preventive and rehabilitative purposes or for night-time relaxation.
It is important to mention here that these are possible reasons for taking them and not promises of a cure, as more research is needed (1) (2) (3) (5) (6) (10).

How CBD can help in sports

Reasons, dosage and duration of effect

Back to the yoga mat. As you can already see, CBD and exercise seem to go well together at first glance. If you want to make progress in terms of fitness, endurance and strength gains, regular performance is essential. Sore muscles, strained ligaments or overly stressed joints can prevent you from doing so. The pain-relieving effect and the possible anti-inflammatory effects of the oil come in handy after an intensive workout. Sore muscles - as sports scientists assume - are nothing more than small inflammations that occur after exercise due to micro-traumas in the muscle itself (7). The antispasmodic properties of CBD ensure that your body can recover and regenerate more quickly and extensively after the training session (2). In addition, CBD positively influences your sleep patterns, which play a significant role in your body's regeneration potential and bioprotein synthesis, which also supports your body's regeneration potential.

For the competitors among you, there is a little extra. If you suffer from stage fright, the anxiety-relieving effect of CBD will help you.

Karim Regreg doing pull-ups

Figure 3: CBD makes sore muscles easier to bear

Is CBD suitable for weight loss?

It must be mentioned beforehand that every body reacts differently to the oil. Especially since it is a plant-based and very natural raw material, the cannabinoid profiles of the different suppliers can vary. Here it is very important to pay attention to the actual product offered. Many suppliers claim their hemp seed oil as CBD oil.

Note: These are two completely different products. The nutritional profile of hemp seed oil or hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the cannabis plant and is usually low in cannabinoids, whereas CBD is predominantly derived from the flowers and leaves, which are the main sites of cannabinoid synthesis. Ingredient claims can also sometimes differ from the actual content (9). Therefore, inform yourself as much as possible beforehand.

Karim Regreg during sprint exercises

Figure 4: CBD helps your body recover after a workout and gets you in shape.

The base of the CBD oil can also differ depending on the manufacturer. We ourselves use a high-quality MCT oil that tastes very pleasant. However, there are also manufacturers who use hemp seed oil as the base oil, which is healthy but not completely neutral in taste.

Those who want to use CBD to lose weight will enjoy the fact that taking CBD can have some effects on the metabolism. Not only has a regulation of the mitochondria been observed after ingestion, but also the regulation of insulin is stimulated. Last but not least, you will be pleased to hear that CBD consumption can lead to reduced appetite (8). However, please don't forget to eat healthy and sufficient food to provide your body with sufficient nutrients, especially during intense training phases.

Dosage and duration of effect

Before you hang yourself up on the pull-up bar full of joy, a few questions about the dosage and duration of effect should be clarified first. These are, of course, primarily relative to body weight and desired effect, quality of the oil, time of application and type of application.

The oil is most commonly consumed sub lingually, i.e. dropped under the tongue. However, it can also be swallowed in capsules or applied to the skin in a cream. Since this is a sports article, we will exclude intake via the lungs for the time being. However, this much can be said: CBD is absorbed most quickly through the lungs (because of the sensitivity and the surface of the organ). However, the side effect of clogging the organ is rather unpleasant and certainly not beneficial. (1)

When Sub Lingual is applied, you will feel the first effect after about 20 - 40 minutes. This effect lasts for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the dose administered. Regarding the dose, we recommend starting low. In this case, it is best to start with 1 drop and slowly and carefully increase the dosage. You can add one drop every 3 days to better assess the effect.

CBD capsules in glass container and CBD oil pipette with bamboo lid

Figure 5: Canutree's CBD Capsules (left) vs Cannabidiol oil (right)

Should you use our capsules | Canutree's CBD Capsules | please be aware that the desired effect may take up to 2 hours to develop. This is due to the distance the capsules have to travel from your mouth to the gastrointestinal tract plus the additional absorption of the CBD oil through your liver and small intestine. The advantage: the effect lasts between 6 - 8 hours due to the slower and more constant absorption. The half-life in the body is 18 - 32 hours (1).

Last but not least, there is the way through the skin. Since our skin is permeable in both directions, we can apply CBD creams or ointments specifically here. In case of local pain or irritation, the cream can be applied exactly where it is needed. How long our feel-good pack works varies from person to person. It is best to try it out directly.

Canutree's Vegan Skin Balm

Is CBD considered doping?

Our favourite oil has no longer been listed by the World Anti Doping Agency since 1 January 2018. However, (especially) competitive athletes should be very careful about the concentration of other cannabinoids. THC and all other secondary plant substances (CBG, CBA etc.) remain on the doping list. Therefore, all athletes should ask their trusted CBD dealer for exact concentration data or laboratory analyses (1) (2) (5).

Karim Regreg | Sports Scientist and Fitness Expert

Karim Regreg Sports Scientist & Fitness Trainer

Karim is an ambitious and determined sports scientist with over 10 years of experience in competitive sports and winner of numerous national titles in Muay Thai. He has expert knowledge in functional, intensive training, interpersonal relationships for successful coaching, best possible performance and personal development.

Karim uses Canutree's CBD products in his routine, everyday sporting life and has had very good experiences with it, especially in the area of regenerating his body.

On Karim’s Instagram Account and Linkedin Account you will find some video tutorials on fitness exercises and numerous fitness tips.

We would like to thank Karim for providing the pictures and the expert sporting knowledge.


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